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Basic Amharic Words For Children (Meseretawi Ye Amarigna Q’alat)

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The board book “Basic Amharic Words for Children” has been designed and created to support children learn their first words in Amharic. Using colorfully illustrated pages your kid can learn words that are used every day life. Everyone knows that the better way to learn is having fun. That is the target of the book and it provides endless fun for the toddlers, giving them a head start on learning letters, creating Amharic words, and gaining exposure to the Amharic language. All the words are represented with colorful arts. Best of all, the book is designed to survive the wear and tear of toddlers’ hands. This book is vital in helping children develop expressive and receptive language skills, master new Amharic words and strengthen comprehension. This board book helps little ones learn their first Amharic words. It is an ideal book for children to help them master new vocabulary in a different language. 

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