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Melkesh Aybelteshem by Gete Anley

Melkesh Aybelteshem by Gete Anley

  • $999

Artist: Gete Anley

Composed and arranged by Elias Melka

Original CD Produced by Nahom Records

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Yeqey Tiqur Teyim

2 Latenet Abeka
3 Sertesh Atafrishew
4 Anchim Tebabreshal
5 Salhon Weretegna
6 Keenaa Waaqaraa
7 Tamash Bechereqa
8 Min Yasferahal
9 Anguachea
10 Bewishet Ewqet Tibeb
11 Melkish Kanchee Aybeltim
12 Wey Birrea


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