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Girimte SciTech ግርምተ ሳይቴክ by Solomon Kassa

  • $2500

Girimte ScieTech (The Wonder of SciTech) is a the-first-of-its-kind Amharic publication to cover the topics of science and technology in one book. The 392 page book tells the story of the amazing human civilization starting from the industrial revolution. The book consists 23 chapters in 4 sections - four chapters on how civilization began, eight chapters on where we are today, eight chapters about the future, and three chapters on ancient black civilization, why we are behind today and the solution to leapfrog.The book covers science and technology from a different perspective - through past history, major events, the present, and the future in a very engaging writing style. It will also include black people's contribution in innovation. Furthermore, it book argues why Africa is far behind in technology, and advocates that adopting technology is the necessary means to leapfrog the lag and catch up with the rest of the world. The book will also relate many science and tech innovations with their adoption in Ethiopia through an interesting lens of history.

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