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Amharic Alphabet book (HaHu Ye Amarigna Fideloch)

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Kiazpora is proud to offer “HaHu Amharic Fideloch” which is also known as the Amharic Alphabet Book. This board book is designed to inspire and engage kids to learn new language. Kids will have fun flipping the fully illustrated pages without even realizing they’re learning from this board book. This book is primarily aimed at kids between the ages of 1 and 10. Inspired by ABC book in English, we offer similar learning concept to teach children the Amharic alphabet, especially for kids from diaspora community or anyone who is interested to learn Amharic language. It explores Amharic Alphabet from the first letter to the last one. Engaging and adorable artworks introduce toddlers with letters and corresponding Amharic words. Big bold artwork and colorfully illustrated pages that make the board book visually appealing. It  is sized to be 6.5 inch by 6.5 inch, round edged and sturdy board book. 

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