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Memories of the Golden Years - Modern Ethiopian Music History from 1940 - 1980 in pictures

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This picture book of the modern Ethiopian music history is produced by Abraham Bezuneh who is a lifelong devoted musician. He played trumpet and drum in the 1970s with Debere Markos Orchestra and also worked with the famous singer Ephrem Tamiru during. Abraham is credited to be the first one to start the first Ethiopian music store called Ethio Sound which has been in business for 12 years. He is also the founder of African Records produced and distributed over 85 music works.  

Memories of the Golden Years is a book of pictures of Ethiopian singers and musicians from around 1940's to the end of 1980's. It is also a tribute to them for making those years golden!

Turn any page, and you will see a face or two that you recognize or discover a face of someone who sang one of your life-time-favorite songs but never knew who.

The picture-book, of course, includes a number of rare pictures of orchestras, bands and musical groups from that era.

Arranged somehow chronologically, the page walk you through, at least, two generations of Ethiopian singers and musicians. The book also gives you a sense of 'who is who' in the golden years of Ethiopian music thanks to the info and caption that accompanied the pictures. 


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